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Rokr Puzzle - Robotime 3D Wooden Puzzles and Model Kits

Rokr Puzzle - Robotime 3D Wooden Puzzles and Model Kits

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ROKR has been focusing on wooden toys for 11 years and all Rokr Puzzles are originally designed.

These are some of the most interesting building models and are smart puzzles for DIY lovers all over the world. Keep the fun of handwork in today's noisy world. Put down the phone and experience the pure fun of building together.

This series is a creative 3D wooden puzzle designed for adults and teenagers alike.
These designs embody the beauty of machines. They are gear driven and use a mechanical rotation method. The Lift Coaster, Waterwheel Coaster and Cog Coaster are all part of the Marble Run series.

These are some of the coolest puzzles ever and will look great in your study area.

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