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Large Lava Lamp 37cm, Various Colours

Large Lava Lamp 37cm, Various Colours

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Large Lava Lamp 37cm, Novelty Lighting Various Colours

Looking for Good Teenage Gift Ideas? These Lava Lamps are straight from the 1960s! The bases, coloured wax, and liquid, all combine to create a fun, bright and mesmerizing display. This unusual lava lamp is ideal for a teenager’s bedroom or add a pop of bright colour to any room in your house. 

They are fabulous for mood lighting, as a nightlight, or just as an extra and totally cool addition to your home decor. Certainly, Good Teenage Gift Ideas for birthday or Christmas.

Simply turn on the lamp and let the bulb heat up the coloured wax to form entrancing blob patterns as they float up and down inside the liquid.

The silver base and cap make this lamp truly unique. Standing at approximately 37cm tall it comes with a sturdy base to sit on any flat surface.

The first time you use the lamp, it will be required to heat for approximately 5 to10 hours so the wax can fully melt. Subsequent usage will require approximately 25 minutes from a cold start. 

Dimensions: 37 cm H x 9 cm W x 9 cm D

Net Weight: 1.10 kg

Material: Glass, Metal

Bulb: One RL39-30W (E14) bulb included

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